Friday, November 16, 2007

HD Images of Earth from Lunar Orbiter

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Japan Broadcasting Corporation have taken beautiful high-definition videos and photos of the moon and Earth. The pictures come from Japan's lunar explorer, Kaguya. These are the first high-definition images taken of Earth from about 380,000 kilometers away.

I would love to see a Japanese mission to land on the moon. If anyone can do it right, they can.

See High-Definition Photos and Learn More

Watch High-Def Video of the Earth Rising Over Lunar Horizon

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Against All Odds - A Refugee Game from the UN

Th UN Refugee Agency has released an online game that puts the player in the role of a refugee from a hostile regime. Players can choose scenarios that have them escaping from hostile territories, trying to cross dangerous border zones, and adjusting to life and school in a new country. This game tries to get across how dangerous and hostile the life of a refugee from violence or dictatorship can be. Though the game is designed for younger players and for use by teachers, it deals out very harsh and violent consequences for bad decisions as a player is tries to escape. Parents and teachers should try the game first and then decide how best to use it for teaching. This game is very good at showing the terrible odds global refugees face as they try to survive.

Go Play Against All Odds

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Halloween Horror Window

Illustrator/animator Mark Gervais created a horrific Flash animation that he projected onto a sheet inside a window on the front of his house for this past Halloween. It's a fantastic idea and looks really spooky. You can watch the entire animation and then see a video of how it looked in the window.

Go Watch Hallowindow 2007

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