Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Persepolis - The Making of the Animated Movie

Persepolis is a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi which, over the course of its two volumes, chronicles the life of a girl as she grows up in Iran and then moves into Western Europe. The novel is fascinating and has wonderful black & white art which tells the story in a completely unique way. The author is also co-director, along with Vincent Paronnaud, of the Oscar-Nominated animated film. There is an online movie about the making of the Persepolis film which is narrated by Satrapi and Paronnaud. I give the graphic novel and its beautiful film adaptation the highest of recommendations. This work is far beyond the level we are used to because when you find something like Persepolis you have found an actual artist with something to communicate.

You can buy the graphic novel of Persepolis here

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pirate Jack Novel at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

This is a really fun post to write because my book, Pirate Jack, has just been made available for purchase at Amazon.com and the Barnes & Noble web site. I wrote the book back in 2000 and offered it online as a series of email chapters that readers could subscribe to for free. Then I turned it into an audio podcast that listeners really seemed to enjoy. Recently, I decided to set it up as a paperback book with a reasonable price.

So now, if you want to read this crazy adventure, you can head over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to do so! If you buy it, have a great time reading it and let me know what you think right here.

Go buy Pirate Jack from Amazon.com

Go buy Pirate Jack from Barnes & Noble

This blog entry comes from CandlelightStories.com