Thursday, February 02, 2006

'Quiet Please' - Brilliant 1940s Radio Suspense

Oh wow! Here's something amazing. An old radio suspense series from the late 1940's. It's called 'Quiet Please.' The shows were written and created by Wyllis Cooper. The main actor was Ernest Chappell. It was played on the Mutual Broadcasting System from 1947 through 1949.

It is widely regarded as one of the greatest radio dramas ever created. When you listen to these you will see where TV's 'Twilight Zone' found its inspiration. You can't beat this stuff. Now I want to go out and buy an old radio just to listen to these.

I'm giving these shows a good, thorough listen while forming ideas for Candlelight's own suspense audio stories.

You can get a huge listing of 'Quiet Please' episodes from a site called, '' Turn out the lights, disconnect the phone and let your computer play these brilliantly frightening dramas for you.

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