Friday, January 19, 2007

Rocket Dreams - Illustrator Develops a Story Online

There's this illustrator named Jeremy Vanhoozer and he's up to something really great. He's developing a story idea called Rocket Dreams that might be a book or maybe a movie. He's posting all his work including ideas, sketches, designs, posters - all of it as he goes. He's really, really good. I wish Rocket Dreams were part of Candlelight. It's cool. Also, this kind of thing is totally where it's at with illustration and animation now. When I walk into a movie theater and see the posters for Pixar's next flick I'm stunningly bored. When I get on the web and find guys like this making their own thing I suddenly want to see more. Go figure.

You should certainly go check out Mr. Vanhoozer's Rocket Dreams.

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