Friday, March 02, 2007

Paprika - Japanese Anime Feature

Here's a trailer for an upcoming Japanese anime movie called Paprika. Satoshi Kon directed it. The trailer looks very interesting and very pretty. I have trouble with anime though. Most examples of it that I have seen tend to wear thin on story and character development very quickly. I must admit that I have never been able to stay awake beyond the first 30 minutes of a Miyazaki movie. They are extremely repetitive with almost identical characters, stiff, jerky motion and an almost unbearable, heavy-handed fixation on flying. I find that these movies work well as trailers, but do not have enough in them to last for 90 minutes. However, this trailer does look nice. One interesting thing about anime - it looks to me like Japanese animators have almost completely dispensed with that odd American Disney technique called 'squash and stretch' animation that makes everything look all noodly and soft. That is probably a good thing. But it remains to be seen if a Japanese anime can keep me awake.

Watch the Paprika Trailer.

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