Monday, October 08, 2007

'awdballz' Creator Rik Maki Publishes Amazing Sketchbooks

Rik Maki is an incredible character designer at Disney. He does a thing on the web called awdbawlls that we've posted here before. He also writes books about quick-sketching in all sorts of interesting places. Scribblin' Away at Mike's Cafe is filled with over 200 pencil sketches drawn in 12 weeks on paper napkins, placemats, and newspaper while eating at various cafes.

He also runs a company along with veteran Disney animator Tina Price that does all kinds of design work and illustration. It's called Digital or Not. I really like it when these super-great artists go out and do their own thing. It just gets so full of possibility and excitement. Showing what people like this create is what the web does best.

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